Friday, November 13, 2015

OO Hello World - Nashorn

Hello world in Nashorn is here! An ECMAScript/JavaScript engine implemented by Oracle.

"The Nashorn engine is an implementation of the ECMAScript Edition 5.1 Language Specification. It was fully developed in the Java language as part of the Nashorn project. The code is based on the new features of the Da Vinci Machine, which is the reference implementation of Java Specification Request (JSR) 292: Supporting Dynamically Typed Languages on the Java Platform. 

The Nashorn engine is included in the Java SE Development Kit (JDK). You can invoke Nashorn from a Java application using the Java Scripting API to interpret embedded scripts, or you can pass the script to the jjs or jrunscript tool." Taken from

By the way, you can see my previous post here: where I give some details on WHY these "OO Hello World series" samples.

Version 1 (Minimal):
The minimum you need to type to get your program compiled and running.
function Greet(name) { = name.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + name.slice(1, name.length); 
 this.salute = function() {
  print("Hello " + + "!");

// Greet the world!
var g = new Greet("world");

Version 2 (Verbose):
Explicitly adding instructions and keywords that are optional to the compiler.
function Greet(name) { = name.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + name.slice(1, name.length); 

Greet.prototype.salute = function() {
 print("Hello " + + "!");

var g = new Greet("world");

The Program Output:


Nashorn Info:
“Nashorn is a JavaScript engine developed in the Java programming language by Oracle. It is based on the Da Vinci Machine (JSR 292) and has been released with Java 8.” Taken from:

Current Version:
Nashorn 1.8 JavaScript 5.1  (latest version in "Languages" page
Developed by:
Influenced by:
JavaScript (Brendan Eich)
Predecessor Language
Predecessor Appeared
Predecessor Creator
Runtime Target:
Latest Framework Target:
Mono Target:
Allows Unmanaged Code:
Source Code Extension:

Case Sensitive:
Free Version Available:
Open Source:
JSR292 ECMA-262
Latest IDE Support:
Any text editor for JavaScript
Language Reference:
Extra Info:


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