Thursday, June 10, 2010

About me and this blog content!

Hello there!

I'm really happy and proud of, finally, start blogging.
This is my first blog post even if my profile says: "On Blogger Since March 2009", which shows that the intention was there more than a year ago. Anyway, the good thing is that I decided to start sharing some of my expertise, interests and ideas which I'm sure some people may find useful or at least interesting.

First of all I would like to introduce myself. I'm Carlos Quintanilla; I’m currently working as a technical consultant and software developer for a company that specializes in EPICOR and SAGE ERP systems. I'm in charge of designing, constructing and supporting: customizations, localizations, new modules, interfaces, etc. for those products.
You can find additional info about me if you click on [view my profile on LinkedIn] which is in the right panel over there ---->

My first idea was to start blogging about my area of expertise, which is ERP software development, but at the end I decided to leave that topic aside, maybe for a separate blog, and focus on my hobby which is learning "Programming Languages", especially those targeting the CLR and JVM and then mix them together to do some “Polyglot Programming” which is about using multiple languages that complement each other to build a solution (or simply for fun).

Later I will be adding the list of languages I will be blogging about so stay tuned!


  1. CLR, DLR, JVM, WTF ???......waaaaaaAAAAAyyy too complicated stuff for my little nut.

  2. Welcome to the world of blog and we wait fot the new posts :)

  3. Great! nice blog and congratulatins for starting your goal :D