Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hi Everyone! Happy and successful 2012 to all of you!

Last couple of months I haven't been active on this blog, I had a busy end of year plus December  holidays on where I hardly touched the keyboard :) anyway, I have noticed, thanks to google analytics, that many people had visited this blog from all around the world since I created it (2009-Today) (see below).

Note: The number of visits from Belgium is not real... that is more because I visit it often hehe.

Now, to me, this means that I have some public, and that what I'm doing is not meaningless so, this year, I will try to become more active and continue adding more code examples on the current languages and the new ones that appeared during last year and the ones that will show up this year.

So, here are my priorities concerning this blog:

  1. Finilize the "Factorial and Fibonacci Series" in Groovy, Gosu, Zonnon, Fantom
  2. Adding Xtend, Ceylon (and Kotlin once released) to the blog posts "OO Hello World", "Basics by Example" and  "Factorial and Fibonacci Series"
  3. I'm still considering including Oxygene (ObjectPascal/Delphi for the JVM) as a separate language. Since it is exactly the same than Delphi Prism (aka Embarcadero Prism)... I think I won't do it.
  4. JavaFX Script was deprecated as a language on 2011. I won't post about it any more.
  5. Will continue updating the Languages Page with the latest releases and languages.

VoilĂ ! that's it!


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